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Text for Page 049 [02-10-1860]

	      Gun and Cahill drunk.
night from the opera.    I stood up in one or
two dances, talked with Jim and left at about
1, half an hour before they broke up.
  11.  Saturday.  Down-town in the afternoon
to �Courier� Office.   Evening, drawing, Cahill
and Morris with me.             By 10, Bob Gun came
up, very absurdly drunk, tumbling hither and
thither, sitting down on a box, talking confused-
ly about Bannockburn, the damage occurring
to the �Picayune� subscription list from Helpers
�Impending Crisis,� and much more, in an
indescribably ludicrous manner.     He, being trou-
bled with a fit of hiccupping, tried counting
numbers to cure it, every minute breaking out
into comment or digression.     Withal he smiled
�and still he smiled� in amiable idiocy.      Persis-
ting in inviting me to come out and drink,
we compromised the matter by sending Cahill
out for ale.         Now he, Cahill, was rather in-
toxicated already, and pending the filling of two
half-gallon demi-johns he drank sundry whis-
key-skins, presently returning only less inebria-
ted than Bob Gun.      And up to 1 A.M or
later, there was nothing but ale-bibbing, chorus
singing and absurdity, which, having finished
my drawing, I didn�t object to.     Shepherd came
up too.       For the last two or three nights he has               
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