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Text for Page 051 [02-12-1860]

I turned out with Rondell, had some ale
at the �Optimus� and then we parted.   Evening
to Chapin�s, the Edwards� pew.       All the girls
came, with Jack, Nast and Honeywell.       I left
them (or rather Jack and Eliza, with whom I had
walked homewards) at Bleecker Street and
pretty soon betook myself to bed, with a bad
headache, which wasn�t improved by Bob Gun,
Cahill, Billington and Shepherd�s proceedings
in the adjoining room.    The two first were very
drunk; they had all been playing cards in
Ledger�s room during the evening.    They answer-
ing my remonstrance in pounding on the wall by
doing the like with increased diabolic uproar,
I was exasperated into a descent on �em, which
presently induced quiet.    Didn�t sleep till daylight.
  13.  Monday.  Writing &c.  Down-town to P.
O. �Courier,� &c.   Passed Grace and Nelly,
anon Matty and Sally in Broadway, not ob-
serving the latter, of which I was reminded
by �em in the evening.      Haney came to supper.
Joined him at Edwards in an hour or two.
The girls and Jack present, anon Nast. (Mr.
and Mrs E. at the theatre.)  Talk, chaff and
fun.     Got into a long confidential talk with
Sally about Nast, to his intense misery
and, I judge, jealousy.     He might have               
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