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Text for Page 054 [02-13-1860]

	    My t�te � t�te with
in her quiet, characteristic manner.   When
I spake of matches in which the wife was in-
tellectually superior to her husband, and there-
fore unhappy, she hinted doubt of it, glancing,
I am pretty sure, at her own mother.       (A
girl of 19, who has got to domestic speculations
of this sort, has gone far � perhaps developed
her observation at the expense of better qualities.
But Sally is not her mother�s favorite, (I think
because she most resembles her) and the girl
is alive to the fact.     Mrs. Edwards likes the
simpler-natured Matty best of her children.
To return.)   Sally is evidently bent on carry-
ing at her intention, if she have not already
accepted little Nast.     I told her this evening�s
confidence would prevent my acquaintanceship
with Miss Sally Edwards ever being carried
over to the account of Mrs. Thomas Nast, as
she�d inevitably tell her husband of it, it might
be before he assumed that title.         She said
no and professed obligation in such a calm
tone that I told her if she repeated it, I 
should infer the direct reverse, when she lau-
ghed.        Altogether I came out perhaps feeling
less interest in the business than at the com-
mencement.      At that age, when a young
girl is naturally rife with feeling and gene-               
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