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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 056 [02-13-1860]

	    Sally knows her Game.
with a goodness which colder-blooded obser-
vation ignores, especially if they be pleasant-
looking.    Here have I been interesting myself
about Sally, thinking I might help her, when
she knows her own game and seems resolved
to play it out, on rather sad and sordid grounds.
Well, I may do her injustice, after all.     But
having relieved myself by the talk, I seem to
feel less responsibility.            I told Haney, on
our leaving together.    He has no desire to re-
new his suit, dropped it, indeed, very soon after
his rejection, but he still hankers about
the house and family.   Only one thing I didn�t
tell him.      When Sally was dubious of her chances,
before Nast�s advent and after, I think she
adventured a stray �effort� towards another
quarter � towards a �party� who will never have
a wife, unless it be a tall, grave, earnest-eyed
girl in Northamptonshire.       It didn�t amount
to much, but was distinct of its kind.
  14.  Tuesday.  Writing & [phonography].  Indoors
till 8 P.M.  when I turned out with Barry
and Rondel who came about 7 and took a
tod with me.    To the studio of the former
after a visit to Pfaff�s, then to Bellew�s with
both of them.   There till 11.    When I returned
I found our Bal Masque in full operation,               
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