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Text for Page 057 [02-14-1860]

	A Boarding-House Masked Ball.
though not very hilarious of aspect.  Cahill as
Rochester, wandering about the hall, rather in
the dumps, voting everything d____d slow, and
little Boweryem as a Black Monk, ditto.     The
masquers couldn�t disguise their voices, wherefore
they went about it in silence, mopping and mowing.
But the two parlors presented a lively and even
brilliant scene.      I�ll put down the majority of
the characters.    Griswold, a lively, goodhumored
married man (wife in Boston), who has been caught
hugging the chambermaid, by Ledger and Bob
Gun, drest as harlequin, went about slapping
folks with his baton.     Dunham (No 2 � not the
Dunham of last winter, who, however, is here now,
with his wife and was, most of the evening, haun-
ting the hall as a spectator) as a Turk or
rather Persian.      Miss Cecilia Trainque as
Lady Gay Spanker, or a horsewoman generally.
Looked buxom and jolly.    Mrs. Ham, first
as an Irish Mrs. Macarthy in search of her runa-
way husband, anon as a powdered dame of
the court of whatever monarch you please.   Bur-
ger, a good-humored German, first as a
Paddywhack, then as Rob Roy.     Phillips as
a Pierrot.      Miss Fagan as Topsy � during the
earlier part of the evening only.    Two tall monks,
friends of Kettle�s.       Kettle himself as King               
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