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Text for Page 058 [02-14-1860]

	Boarders in Masquerade.
Solomon, not in all his glory, for his attire
was rather worn and frayed.         His is a
jeweler, a 7th regiment man, six feet high,
imposing-looking, good-humored, Don Juan-
ish and not too intellectually handsome.    Miss
Burtis, sister to our landlady�s son-in-law, a
plump, dark-haired, resolute-faced girl �
a countenance with character in it.   A Sir
Roger de Caverley.      Mrs. Burtis, as a Village
Coquette, � powdered wig &c.    A brigand�s dau-
ghter.    Another Irishman and Irishwoman.
A Sultana, Ledger as a Spanish or Mexi-
can muleteer, the best made-up and presser-
ved character among the assemblage.   Even
when he had removed his mask, people hardly
recognized his Spanish-brown reddened visage,
surmounted by a coarse black wig and finished
with his blackened beard.      Two Venetian
cavaliers.        Miss Waite and Miss Maguire
respectively as Lady Valentine and the �Spirit
of the Times,� the one with a fair mask, decora-
ted with pictorial �valentines,� the other in
newspapers.     They came from another bal
masque under the escort of St Satan, in
red, with horns and a hideous mask.   He
being introduced to me as a Mr. Wilbur,
spoke of having been employed, I think as               
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