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Text for Page 061 [02-14-1860]

foreman, on Scoville�s �Pick.�             Bob Gun
was upstairs in Ledger�s room, very doleful, a
bottle of whiskey on the mantel-piece, the contents
of which he would not partake of, having
recently �sworn off.�    I went in among the
masquers and had some fun, though affairs
were comparatively dull until the general unmask-
ing, which occurred about 12, previous to the descent
to supper.        The company formed two long rows from
front to rear and revealed their faces to music.
The supper was a lively scene, the dresses con-
trasting oddly with their wearers occupations.     I
attended on Miss Waite and little Maguire.    Up
stairs and to it again.       Sometimes a visit
upstairs, to Bob Gun or Kettle, then to my
post as looker on.        Went to bed about 3,
leaving the festivities in full progress.
  15.  Wednesday.   A loafing day at our house
generally.      I and Ledger for an hour in
Kettle�s room.       He said he had yesternight gone
to another bal masque in company with another
man�s wife or mistress, a loaded pistol in
his pocket (which he produced) in view of an-
ticipated consequences.    Writing, chores &c.   A
heavy snow storm, notwithstanding which Ron-
del came at 6, as invited, supped with me
and at about 8 we set out into the storm to-               
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