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Text for Page 060 [03-08-1851]

              hour left and returned to Canal.
  9. Sunday.  Joe calling with the intelligence that Mary Anne was
sick, accompanied him to Clarkson Street. There for an hour,
seeing all of them, then returned.  Alf being disinclined to accept Barth�s
invite, set off alone, crossed to Brooklyn, hunted up a boatman,
and was pulled across through the driving spray and sunny waves.   Arrived
at the Hospital and found Barth, installed in a clean, tolerably spacious
white-washed room, a huge coal fire glowing intensely at one end, above
the mantel piece divers books, a skull and cold dissecting knives.  Three
power pots in window and a small iron bed-stead in the corner of the room.
  Dined, he having done so, and sat reading Carlyle�s Latter day
pamphlets during intervals of his absence, on �Hospital Steward� duties.
 Book talk, and in the evening the company of an acquaintance of
his, one Creecy from Missouri.     [words crossed out] A tall, keen look-
ing and long sided lad ^|man with| a history.  His father a wealthy planter, he
himself being intimate with a handsome girl, discovering reason to suspect
her virtue he broke off the affair; and after a month wooing his father
was wed to her.  So his sons quitted the parental roof, and the old man
moved further west.     /        Some book talk, a little whist playing, and 
more talk.  At about 11 or twelve we go to bed. Barth in his
own hard bunk, I on a straw-made one in adjoining room, where
I lay listening to wind howling without, and thinking fitfully.  Talking
a little, the door of communication being open.        Among other things
quoth Barth suddenly.
  �I wonder whether Mary Bilton is married?�
  �I wonder!� echoed I
  �She was a handsome, pleasant girl. � I wish her name was
Mary Barth, and she was here beside me ��               
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