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Text for Page 062 [02-15-1860]

	  The Athen�um Club.
gether.   First to Pfaff�s, in search of
Barry (met Clapp descending, as we ascended
the steps) then to the Athen�um club in the
Fifth Avenue.     Nichols, the picture-dealer, there
and others, to whom I was introduced.
Pictures on exhibition; two landscapes by
Rondel and an ugly antique.     Oliver Hillard
came.    Upstairs, cigars, whisket-punch and
talk.      Introduced by Nichols to a fearful
platitudinarian bore, who talked elaborate,
conventional eulogy of Cooper�s genius and
Indians.     �Go with the red man to Nature, to
his forests, &c., share his hospitality dissented
from all his propositions.         Down-stairs to
oysters and chicken-salad.      Gibbons there.
Cassius Clay of Kentucky arrived, much honi-
zed by the Asineums.             A most refreshing
vein of snobbery, of aristocratic assumption,
pretty evident in the demeanor of the young
dandies �doing� their club.    Didn�t see Cass
Clay, not caring much about it.          With Ron-
del, Hillard and a Dr. Rice, a friend of
the latters to Bleecker street, through the
snow drifts and facing the storm.    Took �em
all up to Ledger�s room.       He had made me
promise to drink a glass or two in celebration               
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