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Text for Page 063 [02-15-1860]

	    A Polyglot Concert.
of my birthday.      Cahill and Bob � no,
not the latter (he had gone to bed)� but Morris
were there.    Got up a polyglot concert, Rondel
singing the Marseillaise splendidly, standing up
with vehement French gesticulation, and sub-
sequently one of Beranger�s chansons; Ledger
following with Spanish ditties; Rice singing a
song part English, part French � in fact all
of us singing.      Kept it up till 2. A.M. making
considerable row with chorusses &c., which must
have effectually put to flight any chance of sleep-
ing on the part of the Kinnies�, ^|in| the next room.
Cahill wouldn�t drink a drop, but sang.      Mor-
ris got decidedly inebriated, perhaps for the first
time in his life.         When we ascended to the upper
story, to bed (Rondel was to occupy that in Cut-
ler�s room, vacant in consequence of the Boston-
ian�s being on a visit to his native city)� when
we got up-stairs, Morris, smiling and laughing
immensely, confessed his condition and began
suddenly to develop in a most ludicrous manner.
He reared up on his toes and in a sort of 
confidential, whispered roar asked Rondel
�who he was?�, told him he �didn�t belong here�
and more.         Ledger, who with Cahill came up,
mischeviously suggested that we should go into
the latter�s room for the amiable purpose of dan-               
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