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Text for Page 064 [02-15-1860]

	      Drunken Doings.
cing over Boweryem�s head, when Morris
was quite willing to do it, but Rondel and
I prevented them.         Then Ledger proposed
visiting Mrs. Boley and Miss Maguire, to
which Morris accorded an equally ready as-
sent.     Finally they descended to Boweryem�s
room, and Morris brought in half-a-glassful
of whiskey, hospitably pressing him to drink.
The little man took the irruption very well,
even though Morris (at Ledger�s suggestion
again) spilled the liquor over his bed-clothes.
Meantime I and Rondel remained up-stairs
leaning over the banisters and laughing con-
sumedly till Kinnie�s voice, mildly inquiring
�if there was to be any more of that noise
around,� sent us, conscience-stricken to
our rooms and to bed, where I laughed till
my anatomy ached at the recollection of
Morris� demeanor.     It seems that on quit-
ting Boweryem�s apartment Ledger pounded
on Kinnie�s door, having stuck Morris against
it and then escaped into his own room, to Ca-
hill.    Kinnie appearing, ventured a remonstrance
when Morris, in the dark requested him in
the most amiable manner �to be d��____d,� upon
which the long and long-suffering doctor slam-
med the door upon him.      Subsequently Ledger               
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