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Text for Page 066 [02-16-1860]

	  Miss Church�s Letter
reading, among other books the �Nouvelle
Heloise,� lent to her by a Mr. Congreve, a
highly-educated and intellectual Englishman,�
a reformer and Positive Philisophist.      She
has been in Geneva since November, projects
leaving it for Lyons, thence to Marselles,
for Nice, purporting to pass the remainder of
the winter there.         In Marseilles is �a friend
of her early days, M. Guiguer, eldest son
of the general before mentioned.�  He is �a
man of charming manners, highly educated,
has travelled,� speaks five languages and
�his deportment is considered in these days of
nonchalance, rather imposing.�       Not more
than middle-aged, he looks scarcely forty,
�From my writing so much upon this sub-
ject you will &c., &c.  I must confess
that formerly (this is strictly between our-
selves) I entertained a great admiration for
him and only recently learned that it was
so warmly reciprocated, though never avowed.�
I infer that M. Guiguer will console my
correspondent for her misalliance with the
rascally Italian, and hope he�ll prove worthy
of a really high-minded lady.
  17.  Friday.   Most of the day doing �Cou-
rier� article on our Bal Masque.     In Led-               
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