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Text for Page 067 [02-17-1860]

          More of Ledger�s lies and humbug.
ger�s room at night.    A snowy, stotmy
  18.  Saturday.  In Ledger�s room all the
heavily-snowing morning, listening to his stories,
of which he told many capital ones.       I would
attempt jotting them down, but for a proposi-
tion that has arisen between us, that I will
place me in possession of ampler details.    This is
no other than that he should place all his jour-
nels and records in my hands, for the purpose
of making a book.    They are now in England;
he promises to write for them by the first mail.
The project is a secret between us at present, as
he wouldn�t willingly have the first authorship known.
  Down-town, through a St. Petersburg-looking
city to �Courier� and �Pic�Offices, returning with
Cahill.            Boweryem, Morris and Cahill
in my room, at night.           Sat with Morris till
1 1/2 A.M. talking.
  19.  Sunday.   All the folks agog about �Cou-
rier� article.    Scribbling most part of the morning.
Evening to Chapin�s, then with Honeywell, who
joined me on leaving the church, to Edwards�.
Haney and Knudsen there; the day the former�s
birthday.     He had been to Parton�s and brought
me a note from Jim, eulogizing my �Scalpel� article,
in which sentiments Fanny sent word that she con-               
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