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Text for Page 068 [02-19-1860]

	        Sally and Matty.
curred.     Talking with the girls, first with
Matty and Eliza; very jolly, presently with
Sally.      She almost immediately resumed the sub-
ject of our last conversation, hinted that
Nast had been forbidden to write, said that
he had been very savage in consequence of her
neglecting him, when so near his departure,
opined that I didn�t do him justice &c.      She
admits she don�t love him, but �there�s no know-
ing whether she mayn�t in time � it would be
something to make anybody happy � she don�t
think she would ever love anybody much �
she had had her little fancies, but they never
lasted � well! she admitted if his superior
presented himself she might &c., but would
it happen? she should come to a decision
soon.�        She appeared to more advantage, I
thought, than on the former t�te � t�te.     But
I like Matty better.           She is simpler-natured,
but very honest, thinks that apart from her
pretty face she is not attractive.      She would
be very grateful to any strong nature who
would love her dearly and tenderly, teach
her to love him and raise her self-respect.
Honeywell is a very good young fellow, but I
think she�s hardly content with him.          And
the girl Eliza with all her whims, ways,               
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