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Text for Page 069 [02-19-1860]

	Impending Collapse of �the Pic.�
coquetries, affectations and rudenesses, is, per-
haps the higher nature of the three.       Sally will
rule her husband and be a not too happy or loving
woman.    Matty will obey and perhaps � alas! � be
tyrannized over.      And Eliza will risk a higher
career, greater unhappiness or happiness than either.
  I wonder how wrong these predictions will be!
  Were I Haney, I�d take Matty, if she�d have
me and love her dearly.  I told her tonight that
men never fell in love with women for their intellect,
and I think it pleased her.
  What a deal am I writing and thinking about
these girls, when they don�t care for me, except as
a visitor.       What does that matter? shan�t I
like them all the same?
  20.  Monday.  Down town with Cahill, first
to the �Courier,� then to the �Pic� office, looking
out old woodcuts of my doing.           The paper
is in a bad way; printer won�t give up the forms
till a disputed bill is paid; the landlord has
advertised the office as �to let,� Bob Gun can�t
collect money enough to get out this weeks num-
ber, as yet � in short there�s every symptom
of the paper �Pic��s coming to grief.     It owes
me Lord knows how much, so Gun suggests
that I secure cuts, wherefore I looked �em out
this morning.   To P.O., to Street and Smiths,               
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