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Text for Page 070 [02-20-1860]

	     Scandal about Dickens
Encountered Bob Gun, waiting outside the
�Tribune� office for Wilbour � hoping for his assis-
tance to steer past the present breakers � then
back to Bleecker Street.        Did but little in
the afternoon, scribbling in the evening until
midnight and later.
  I have heard something to-day about a
man whom all the world loves, which one would fain
not believe.         From two sources, one Abrahams,
the other Ledger.       The first told it to Haney,
some days ago, and today I questioned him.
He professes that his family is intimate with
that of Charles Dickens�, that he, himself,
went to school with Dickens� son.  He says
Dickens lives in criminal intimacy with his 
wife�s sister, Miss Hogarth; that the two
families (Abrams & Dickens�) being at Broad-
stairs, the servants of the latter tattled about
it to those of the former.     That he, Abrahams
knew of the affair, some years before the ex-
plosion, which resulted in the separation bet-
ween Dickens and his wife.         That this
Miss Hogarth, who now lives in criminal
relationship with Dickens, is a very loveable
person, the original of Esther Summerson
in Bleak House, that Mrs Dickens is very
fat, not agreable; that there was all the               
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