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Text for Page 074 [02-22-1860]

Office, didn�t get any money, thence to Haney�s
Office, got an order for a $5 story.  (O�Brien
had been glad of the same, pretty recently.    Story
of his licking a man told by Shepherd to Bob
Gun � a variety for him � differing in result to
most of his fights.)   Up in �Tribune� Office and
saw Dana.       He read my prospectus, didn�t
think favorably of the chances of the Republican
Committee going in for it.        Was pleasant to me,
as he always has been � they vilify him gene-
rally.     As I turned to go he spake of my
�Assyrian friend,� intimating a desire to resume
publication of Boutcher�s experience, when I told
him I possessed it in lecture form.           I promised
to br write to Boutcher about it.  Told
Dana I�d like to get something to do on the
�Tribune� which he received far from unkindly,
and promised indefinitely.          Ah! how the
difference of our positions struck me.    He, the
tall, handsome, manly-looking editor of the
best and strongest paper in the United States � 
there in achieved position and authority � I
with so little done, yet knowing in my heart
that if I could get a chance I would climb up!
Out into the filthy street and through the wet
to my boarding house home, feeling sadly enough.
Wrote a long letter to Boutcher during               
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