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Text for Page 075 [02-22-1860]

          Cahill and Gun �swearing off.�
the evening.     I have neglected him for
over twelve months.               Did I put
down that Billington had left here, on the 13th?     He teaches three
young girls in a private family, gets a room
without board and $4 a week for it.     He
got the berth by advertisement.       Cahill
and Bob Gun have �sworn off� drinking again,
the former for four years.       Cahill has broken
his vow to the extent of beer, as I know, al-
ready.    One of the causes of his breach with
Arnold is his owing George the sum of $5,
paid as fine to get him out of the Jeffer-
son market prison, on the night of Cahill�s
  23.  Thursday.   To the residence of Pater-
son�s family, up the 6th Avenue, there to get
particulars of Forbes� leaving this country.  Re-
turn and blazing away at comic story for
Haney.   Did it by 6 P.M.       In the evening
up to 6th Av. Again, got particulars.   Rejoined
Morris at Bellew�s, stayed half an hour,
then to Edwards�, (having left story at 16th
St, for Haney).       The girls, their father,
Wells and Honeywell there.    Chat and chaff.
Wells happy and shining in his mild way.  He
is a very amiable fellow, comes out when               
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