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Text for Page 076 [02-23-1860]

	                  At 745.
not overshadowed by virile presence, and the
girls, knowing this, comport themselves with a
little audacity and a good deal of liking towards
him.        Each one fights, like Gow Chrom, for her
own hand and goes in for individual victories.
Sally is rather isolated among them.    All three
have been subject to so much tacit or open homage
� so much has been made of them � that coquetry
is developed at the cost of the innocenter though
less stimulating ingenousness.    They aim at saying
smart things.             Jack home with two of the
Pillows, from the circus.          Jack at the piano
imitating Morris� and Wells� vocalization, in
a manner that wouldn�t have made the former
happy had he heard it.     He burlesques
me, too, but wouldn�t on this occasion.    Left at
11, as usual.
  24.  Friday.  Chores, principally carrying
woodcuts up-stairs from box in the hall, a pretty
heavy job.     Down-town after dinner, to Tribune
Office� with item; accepted.     To �Courier� and
�Nic-nac� Office, saw Haney.          Passed Jim
and Fanny in Broadway, and I think, the
latter testified recognition by some sort of a bow.
Responded markedly to Jim.       Bath in the evening
and loafing.                    The Vanitarians are turn-
ing the cold shoulder to Morris, whereat he               
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