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Text for Page 077 [02-24-1860]

	     Gun going to Havanna.
is wroth.             A burlesque marriage between
Cahill and Miss Fagan in the parlor this
evening, I officiating as parson.    It might prove
a pretty serious business were either of them dispo-
sed to regard it so, as the law is in this country.
  Little Boweryem is getting up a flirtation with
Miss Maguire, which I think, I inaugurated, by
getting her to take compassion on him at our
Bal Masque.     He took her to the Opera t�other
  25.  Saturday.  Out to dentist.   In the
afternoon there again, thence down-town to
�Courier� office and up again.          Evening
scribbling till Haney came.     He left at 10,
Morris came in and we talked till 1 or
  26.  Sunday.  Out with Ledger.   Quoth he
very quietly, to me, �Bob Gun is going to Ha-
vana;� adding that the business which called
him there was something of a secret, without
hinting at his having any agency in the mat-
ter.       Went to Barry�s studio � he at Boston
� then to Pope�s.    Found only the latter�s pupil
and little Ware, who told us Rondel�s wife
had arrived, the jolly Frenchman of course being
with her, finding lodgings &c.       Went to
Ware�s and Rice�s residence and found the               
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