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Text for Page 079 [02-26-1860]

latter and Damoreau, at a second breakfast
of their own purveying.    Charley had slept there.
Chaff and smoke.            To dinner.      I in my
room all the afternoon, Damoreau, Shepherd,
Billington, Cahill and Ledger in the latter�s
room, at cards.        To Chapin�s at night.
Eliza, Honeywell, Sally, Jack and Haney came
into the pew.     With them to the house subsequent
ly.      Knudsen and the Pillows there.    Talking with
Mat, who had disappointed Honeywell by not going
to church with him, at which he was tiffed,
as she told me, commencing our conversation.   The
girl was very pleasant and kind to-night and
got to talking about herself, laughing at my presu-
med liking for �studying character,� as she calls it.
Honeywell, she more than hinted, has made no
progress; I found, too, she had divined Cahill�s
fancy for her, without, however, building up any
romance about him.   He must be very weak, she
said, if he had �those habits� and dishonorable, be-
cause he didn�t pay his debts.    Yet she had defended
him against the sharper Sally, who hadn�t pitied him
at the time of his withdrawal.      She did and I
like her for having avowed it when it was talked
over among the girls.           Yet I think Matty is
piqued and dissatisfied at her sister�s triumphs,
though she would deny it sharply enough.   �Why               
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