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Text for Page 080 [02-26-1860]

	           Pretty Matty.
don�t people think so?� she will ask at any
little, inevitable compliment to her.    She is
very honest and good, and likes fair play.
I think she revolts at Sally�s fast and loose
behavior with Nast.         Pretty Matty! with
the soft, smooth, blonde hair, which your fingers
are fond of sleeking, your rose-red cheeks and
light-blue eyes, your trick of elevating your
shoulders, your plump, fresh, maidenly figure,
your voice, normally sober and earnest � you
who are depicted in the earliest family daguer-
rotype as a very plump-faced, innocently-sulky
child � may some good fellow love you very
dearly and make you very happy and God
bless you and all womanly women!     Shall
I ever cease to be interested in them? I hope
  27.  Monday.  Down-town after a morning�s
writing, to �Courier� & P.O.    Returning, passed
Mort Thoson and Grace, in Broadway, he got
up very English, with round-topped, turnpike-
keeper�s hat, moustache and shaven chin, cloak
and cape too.          Writing till 1 A.M.   Story.
  28.  Tuesday.  Writing.   Down-town with Bob
Gun.   To �Courier� Office.   A long talk with Briggs
about the subject � a new comic paper.    To
�Nic-nax� Office, Haney and Cahill there.               
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