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Text for Page 062 [03-10-1851]

              wish him success. [words crossed out].
[words crossed out].        Finished by 6, the boys talking smut as usual, and
Mac Namara giving �em dry reproof.   Then to Canal, and as I (at this
moment)  expect a quiet evening in-doors.
  11 Tuesday.  Taking portraits of Genin�s caps.  A requisition of my presence
arriving from him went down town to the store.     Sketch wanted for an adverti-
sing van.       Afternoon  Dillon Mapother called, being about to make a visit to
Mr �Gons�.  (Dillon and Mr Hart about to take up their abode with the Richard-
sons.)    Drawing designs for advertising cart and head-gear the remainder of the
  12. Wednesday. To Genins with sketches (,which pleased him).
Met the Mexican campaigner (Donovan I think, his name was) who prece-
ded me in the Editorship of the �Life� and drank with him.  To the
Post Office, to �Holden�s Mag� Office where I saw Dy Kink ^|Duy Kinck| the new
proprietor, to the �Era� Office, then calling at Holts saw Dillon Ma-
pother and borrowed gun of him\        Holts mother, aged 70 lying in her
coffin in the hall.          Afternoon and evening in doors, drawing, and
showing paper for anticipatory sketching at Hoboken on the morrow
  13. Thursday.  Snow flakes forbade a ramble, but being un-
willing to altogether stay in doors, I with Alf wandered down along
the North River, towards the Battery. Divers docks did we visit and
much did we see, locomotives, engine makers, market boats laden with
fruit and fish.  Newly-arrived Albany Steamboats and the like.  But
that we had not change enough for Jersy-ferryage we should have crossed
and visited Communipaw.          Return, and drawing headgear
till evening,  Alf rather unwell.       Out after supper to Chatham
Street, apropos of getting the gun needed, then a discursive ramble
back.        Glass of rum and water and talk about Charley.  He               
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