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Text for Page 082 [02-28-1860]

	          William Waud.
(Which latter young man has done a rather
unwise thing, thus: It was proposed to bring out
a number or two of a cheap two-cent comic, cal-
led the �Tickler,� using old �Pic� cuts and type:
McCulloch set it up, getting a man to help him,
Haney would have lent Cahill the money to buy
paper and Cahill might have made a few $
by it, as first numbers generally sell.   Waxing
cocky at the prospect, Cahill wouldn�t obey Wilbur�s
request to meet him at 7 this morning, so Wilbur
went out of town, locking up the office.)     Up-
town with Bob Gun.     Writing the rest of the
  29.  Wednesday.  In doors all day, writing
article on Comic Papers, to take to Dana.   Hor-
rid weather.
  1.  Thursday.  Will Waud came up, in
the fur cap commented upon by Alf, much as
he used to be, or more so.    He arrived in New
York yesterday, as I had learnt from Cahill,
Who saw him at Haney�s office.   His brother-
in-law has removed to this city, there to abide
permanently; he himself desires to do so, if he
can find employment after his liking; viz, ma-
king big water-color perspectives for architects,               
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