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Text for Page 083 [03-01-1860]

	     An injured Husband.
about which prospect he has already con-
sulted Bellew, who referred him to Hamilton.
He went to Sol. Eytinge also, at the office of
the �Illustrated News,� when Sol refused his
hand, saying he couldn�t take it without �a
few words� preliminary.      He �understood� W.
W. had written about his wife in a manner
&c &c.   Waud declares his only comment, in
a letter to John Wood, about the elopement
with Allie was, an expression of doubt as to
whether Sol or Haney would be the miserable
little quasi-husband, Cahill�s successor.    This
letter Sol. saw.      I suppose Wood, who is
a good deal of a magpie, cackled a little
in addition.    Anyway Sol swaggered and
talked of kicking of ____ and so Waud
and he parted.         Life Brown, Sol�s old
employer came up during the interview, having
just returned fro China, Japan &c., and
Waud went off to dine with him at noon,
I going down-town.     To �Courier� Office
and Haney�s, and to �Tribune.�         Writing
in the afternoon.   To Bellew�s, with W.W.
in the evening.     He has put up here tempo-
rarily, intending return to Boston in a
week.       Little Nast has gone to England,
to sketch the fight for the championship bet-               
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