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Text for Page 085 [03-03-1860]

	   O�Brien�s eye blacked.
  3.  Saturday.  Writing.  Down-town af-
ter dinner.  To �Tribune,� �Courier� & �Nic-
nax� offices, missed Dana, got no money from,
Smith, found only Cahill at Haney�s.        Rain,
mud and blue devils, out of spirits and
out of money.  Writing at night.    Cahill re-
turned up-town with Will Waud, the latter drunk
on the former�s report and his own subsequent
admission.      I didn�t see him.       Boweryem
and Morris in my room.                      O�Brien,
being drunk and pugilistic, half-tried to force
latter at the expense of Arnold, to�ther af-
ternoon.   Afterwards going up Broadway
with poor-young-man Wood and Arnold,
both of them more or less inebriated, with their
caps garnished with pipe-lights, the bibulous
baron of Inchiquin pitched into a man who
attempted to take one of said pipe-lights from
his companion� head-gear.    I am glad to
learn that the man gave him an awful black
eye.   He was showing his swollen fist at the
�Vanity Fair� Office and bragging of how
hard he must have hit his adversary.
  4.  Sunday.   Out for half-an-hour of
the sunny morning with W. Waud and Cahill,
the first off for the day, to Brooklyn, where               
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