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Text for Page 087 [03-05-1860]

	          A �Sell� on Morris.
(Dana) hadn�t found time to read my ar-
ticle.   To �Courier� Office &c.   Writing all
the afternoon, and till near midnight.      A great
laugh, finally, in Ledger�s room about a cer-
tain �sell� we�ve effected on Morris.       Yester-
day the sound of the dinner-bell su^|r|prised him in
the bath-room (where he generally spends a consi-
derable portion of his Sunday mornings, boiling
himself) upon which he cut up stairs, sans trou-
sers.     Nobody except Shepherd, who was in Led-
ger�s room, and Kettle, who was going down-stairs,
saw him, but we persuaded him that the cir-
cumstance had become a matter of conversation
among the women, and this morning, Bob Gun
indicted the following letter to him, from my rough
draught � in a feminine hand:
	�Mr. Maurice, Sir,
			       I hope you will please
excuse my mentioning it as I should not have
thought of doing so but for its being requested
by others whitch my position as keeping a decent
house oblidges my taking notice of boarders ob-
jections.      They say you was seen come out of
the bath-room yesterday without any pants on
wich as I have a number of young lady bor-
ders who if they was to see would be indeli-
cate to ^|their feelings to| the least of it.   Please don�t do               
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