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Text for Page 088 [03-05-1860]

	           And its Result.
it again and oblidge, your sincere friend
Susan Boley.�
  Morris was at first suspicious, but a little
perjury and a good deal of equivocation, convin-
ced him of the letter�s authenticity.    So, by judi-
cious management, he was indirectly persuaded
to write an answer, involving a statement of
the case, reflections on the false delicacy of the
supposed fair complainants and side allusions to
Mrs. Kinney�s presumed habit of ventilating her
eye at key-holes!           Mrs. Boley was a little
sick and didn�t appear at the supper-table,
but the letter brought her up to Morris�s room
in the evening, when he showed her her imagi-
ned one and the joke exploded.           He took
it in good part and we all laughed in Ledger�s 
room between 12 and 1, till the folks below
wondered what was the matter.
  6.  Tuesday.  Finished letter to the �Era,� in
London.    Ledger�s brother owns and he himself
has a share in it.            I want to get the office
of New York correspondent.      Sam Beazley,
years ago, did the literary, perhaps theatrical
criticism for this paper; odd if his ex-pupil ap-
pear in it.         To Bellew�s; he out; took car
and, with Ledger, who got in at Bleecker St,
down town.     Went up in �Vanity Fair� Office, af-               
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