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Text for Page 090 [03-06-1860]

	 Will Waud employed by Leslie
it was merely manner.       He communicates fur-
ther with us, when he has talked with his inten-
ded business man.          Out by 5 1/2, and up-town.
To bed early, being tired out.
  7.  Wednesday.   Will Waud, who has made an
engagement to draw for Frank Leslie, leaves here
to reside in Brooklyn, with his brother-in-law.
He has determined on leaving Boston, proposes only
to return to it to wind up business matters; wants
his wife to stay there for the present, �as she and
brother-in-law�s wife don�t agree together.�   Will
is much the same as heretofore, perhaps more
so, the family failing of self-will disagreeably
manifested in his way of expressing his opinions,
yet Alf�s estimate of him will admit of modifi-
cation.   �Our friends and enemies draw us, and
I often think both portraits are like.�       Scribbling
all the wet, dreary miserable day and drawing
on wood at night, till 12, then for an hour, in
Ledger�s room, with him and Boweryem.   Both got
autobiographical.      Here�s the former�s second voyage
(I am only anticipating a task I expect to have to
do at length in the ensuing summer � writing his
entire biography for publication.   He has sent for
the requisite materials from England.        Last advices
rendered his stay in this country definite until the
end of July, when he will recross the Atlantic, to               
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