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Text for Page 091 [03-07-1860]

	     Moore of Ledger�s lies.
return in September.     To my digest of his se-
cond voyage.           Returned to home and
England at the age of sixteen, after just twelve
months of rambling (he had started and got
back just at Christmas), he next accompanied
his uncle in a voyage up the Mediterranean,
to Greece, on a mission akin to his relative�s
former venture, conveying munitions of war to
the insurgents of       .      The vessel sailed under
false passports &c, lay cruising among the islands,
did things akin to piracy, finally went to Con-
stantinople, where young Arthur Ledger got into
an intrigue with a handsome Greek girl (of
whose hair he says he has a prodigiously lengthy
plait, now), necessitating, as on his former
voyage, the British consul�s interference to pre-
vent him abandoning ship, home and country
for this pretty Hellene.      Sailing back, in a 
storm near Gibraltar his uncle and some four
of the crew were washed overboard, upon which
young Ledger assumed the management of the
vessel, and having a fair wind the whole way
brought her safely to port in Bristol, getting a
hundred guineas barns for it, from the owners.
  This completed another year.         I shall defer
Boweryem�s story till I hear its sequel.
8.	Thursday.   Writing.  Down town with               
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