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Text for Page 092 [03-08-1860]

	      An amiable Conspiracy.
Ledger by 1.   To �Tribune� Office and after ^|half| an
hour�s waiting, saw Dana, who told me article
would go in.     Horace Greeley and Solon Robinson
conversing.      To �Courier� Office, saw Briggs.
Return up-town in the rain with Ledger.       Drawing
on wood in the evening till 12.   In Ledger�s room
for an hour subsequent.        Little Boweryem in mine,
during the earlier part of the evening.                Little
Miss Maguire left the house on Monday.     Did I put
down that Mrs. Levison has gone to Havana?
  9.  Friday.  W. Waud up.         He has taken board
in the 2nd Avenue, works at Frank Leslie�s, in
his artist�s room there, with Wallin, Stephens, Berg-
hans and others.          Down-town in the afternoon.
In the evening were assembled in Ledger�s room,
Tracy, Billington, Shepherd, Cahill, Bob Gun,
Damoreau and Ledger himself, presently
Boweryem and anon Banks, who came up,
rather drunk, upon a loose invitation of Gun�s to
him and Claher.      There was an amiable project
on foot to get little Boweryem inebriated, for
which purpose Ledger had purchased claret, sherry
and whiskey � plenty of each.      Boweryem had
professed the severest temperance principles, saying
that liquor was t distasteful to him, making
however an exception in favor of claret, upon which
hint that wine was procured.          I left them at               
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