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Text for Page 093 [03-09-1860]

	        Boweryem drunk.
9, all sober (except Banks) and went to
Dixon�s, then to Edwards�.   The girls, Knud-
sen and Haney, the latter just returned from
Philadelphia.    Paterfamilias present, after-
wards Jack, one of the Pillows� and Mrs. Edwards.
Partons second volume of �Jackson� there for me.
Stayed till near 11, then to Bleecker Street.
Directly I unlocked the street-door I heard the
row upstairs.     Found the conspirators� object
accomplished, little Boweryem being unmistaka-
bly intoxicated.     They had flattened his appro-
bativeness by making him sing, drinking his health
with musical honors and the like, giving him
claret at first, allowing him to alloy it with
water, then secretly putting in sherry, beer
and whiskey.       When I entered the room, it
presented a rather disorderly spectacle.      The
bed had been broken down twice, first by three
fellows sitting on it, second by somebody pushing
Banks on it and jumping on him.           The party,
(minus Banks and Tracy, who had departed)
were all standing up, or straggling hither and
thither promiscuously, all talking, drinking,
laughing or scuffling, making generally a
most infernal row.     Little Boweryem was
set to sing the Marseillaise, which he did stand-
ing, with profuse gesticulation, all present               
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