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Text for Page 096 [03-09-1860]

	           More Foolery.
stealing in, found him awake.        So he and
Cahill returned to Ledger�s room, fell to
drinking and burnt corking each other�s faces,
rolling on the floor and making Ledger�s bed,
which had been removed to it, in a conceivable
mess.       All this I learnt afterwards, hearing
only a noise occasionally and, about 3 1/2 or 4,
Cahill stumbling to bed in the dark.       I read
a chapter of Jim�s book and then, thinking of
sundry things, got to sleep.                There were
expended in this debauch 12 bottles of claret,
four of sherry, three of whiskey and a gallon
and a half of ale!
  10.  Saturday.   Writing &c.    Out in the
afternoon with Bob Gun.    Bath and chores
in the evening.    Damoreau came; lost his watch
overnight, going home, worth perhaps $30.    To
the Optimus for ale, Ledger, Corbin, Damo-
reau, I and subsequently Cahill.              The
latter stole another dog this morning, from a
locksmith�s whither he had gone to get something
done for Bob Gun.         The animal was announced
to our landlady as �one of Shepher�d dogs,�
we having fabled about little Shepherd�s canine
predilections, asserting that he owns a dozen
of them, that he brings home rats for them, in
his pockets, and once got expelled from a boar-               
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