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Text for Page 097 [03-10-1860]

         Walt Whitman on the Rampage.
ding house for holding a rat and terrier
fight in his apartment.     He has engaged
Gun�s room, on Bob�s withdrawal.     Another
flam ventilated about Boweryem having
fallen on and killed another dog of Shepherds,
during last night�s debauch � which Boweryem
hardly doubts, enquiring, �Did I kill a dog?�
  Morris was seduced into the conspiracy only
on false pretenses, being told that Bowerem
had exulted in the epistolary sell on him (Morris).
Until then he had demurred, but on learning
this, he said Boweryem was �a little cuss� and
joined heartily.       We revealed the truth to him
subsequent to the little victims� retirement.
  11.  Sunday.  To Hoboken, with Ledger
Bob Gun, Cahill and Burger, to the
Weehawken Heights, as usual.   Returned
to dinner.        Evening to Edwards�s.    Mr. &
Mrs. E, the girls and Honeywell present;
Haney, Hayes and Jack came presently.   Honey-
well sulking with Matty still � the pretty
girl �doesn�t care � that she doesn�t.�    Walked
home with Hayes and Haney.
  12. Monday.  To Blakeman�s.   Down-town,
to �Courier� Office.    Walt Whitman came in, 
made a row about Briggs� attaching his (Whit-
man�s) name to an article purchased of him,               
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