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Text for Page 098 [03-12-1860]

	               M. Besnard.
denounced Briggs as a trickster, a �son of a b___h,� and talked
about licking both him and Smith, finally
modified his language, indeed withdrew it with
respect to the latter.       To Harper�s.       Saw John
Bonner, sold drawing, got $7 for it.       To
�Nic-nax� office, to that of the �Illustrated News,�
the rival paper to Frank Leslie�s, that on which
Eytinge and Nast are engaged.    An Ann Street
fourth story, long room, stretching from front
to rear.       Saw Stahl the proprietor, heard Sol�s
voice in the rear.       To P.O.      Met Corbin.   Up
town, left papers at Edwards, then to dinner.
A letter from Hannah, and such a one that
I could not but answer at once.      Rondel and
Ware came in the evening.    Out with them to
find a French friend of the latter�s who owns
a Zouave dress which I proposed to wear at 
our coming Bal Masque.     This we accomplish-
ed at a restaurant in Greene Street, where
we found M. Besnard, a friend of his, and half
a dozen Frenchmen, members of the �Lafayette
guard.�   Drank a bottle of claret or two, then
to Besnard�s residence in Lispenard Street.
He is a pass�-partant, or fancy paper frame
maker, has a shop and work-room on the street
floor and little rooms above, as French in
aspect, barring the omission of well-waxed               
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