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Text for Page 099 [03-12-1860]

	A Frenchman�s Room.
floors as might be found in the Quartier
Latin.    There were all those indications of
a love of ornament and making the most of
everything which is such a pleasant French
trait, which an English or American bache-
lor would hardly think of.   Cornices, gilt,
over the windows, a tent-bed, a queerly-
shaped angular table with a heavy stone
receptacle for tobacco on it, no end of
pipes, in two rows, on the wall, from the well-
blackened brule gueule to Chinese and Turkish.
Lithographs and engravings on the sides of
the room, a tastily-arranged stand of arms
in the adjoining one, above it � inevitable in
a bachelor Frenchman�s room � a photograph
of a nude woman, face turned from you.
The Frenchman were very hospitable and pronoun-
ced my appearance in the Zouave suit a
great success.     We smoked pipes drank more
claret and I parted with them, carrying
away the suit at about 10.        Writing
afterwards and awhile in Ledger�s room.
  13.  Tuesday.   Writing letter 2 to the
�Era.�   Out to Besnard�s and with him to
yet another Frenchman�s to borrow gaiters and
leggings, for my calves were too big for the
authentic Zouave�s nether costume.    Back               
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