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              [newspaper clipping]
  �Mr. Robert Gun, the late publisher of The
N.Y. Picayune, being about to depart for that
�Gem of the Ocean,� Cuba, gave a little party
to a few social and literary friends last evening at
his residence in Bleecker street.  The conviviality
was kept up until an exceedingly late hour, and
it was the most remarkable what an immense num-
ber of times the gentleman�s health was drunk.
As a slight testimonial to his worth and the
friendship entertained, for him, an impromptu
poem, published elsewhere, was read on the oc-

		To Robert Gun, Esq.
	     SCOTCHMAN, farewell!
	Good trunks and wishes go with you.
	You have more friends than hairs, �tis true;
	And, more than that, �twill do to tell.

	     �Chief of a clan!�
	What is that idle name to this:
	�Chief of good fellows?�  We sha�nt miss	
	The Chieftain much: not so the Man,

	     O, publisher
	Of that once lively little sheet,
	The Picayune�when shall we meet
	Again and �spree it,� as it were.

	     You�re going off,
	And so can�t know what�s going on;
	Before your name you�ll have a �Don,�
	And all your heavy clothes you�ll doff.

	     Good bye, then, Bob;�
	That saintly face, that gorgeous beard
	Are to your numerous friends endeared.
	But I must stop�I hear you sob.

	     If you�ve a mind,
	Remember, as you idly puff
	Your cigarette, the rather rough
	But kindly friends you left behind!

[Gunn�s notes:]
From the �Daily News.�

Glover put it in.               
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