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Text for Page 101 [03-13-1860]

          �Wetting� Bob Gun�s Departure.
to writing.          In the evening, Bob Gun�s
farewell party, given by Ledger in his room.
All the male boarders invited (except Kinney)
and a good many outsiders.       Of the last,
George Arnold, Thad. Glover, Symes, Damo-
reau, Bellew, Ware and Tracy; the first, 
Cutler, Cahill, Morris, Boweryem, Kettle,
Berger, Dunham (the married one) Phillips, Gris-
wold.      Singing, drinking, speech-making, a
jolly time generally.         Glover did a good song
or more, getting visibly affected by the brandy
he drank, bursting out into volunteer vocalisa-
tion.    Little Boweryem was rather drunk, too,
but very happy; he sang three or four songs.
George Arnold (who declared he �hadn�t been
drunk for three days�) sang, well, as usual.
Plenty of chorusing, but no very great up-
roar.      Morris read �some lines he had written
addressed to Bob Gun, Ledger proposed the
latters health in a bit of a speech, and the
women � Mrs. Boley, Misses Fagan and Train-
que � came up to drink it, Mrs. B. remain-
ing for half an hour afterwards.     Damoreau
came latish, went away to a supper given
to Berghans and Rawlings at the Metropoli-
ton, both of them being off to England for
Frank Leslie�s paper, apropos of the �same               
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