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Text for Page 102 [03-13-1860]

	        More Drinking.
object which has exported little Nast
there.     They wanted Charley to make a speech
and, I think, sent for him.        He return-
ed subsequent to my going to bed, bringing
the amiable Brightly with him, both of
them inebriated.      Bellew, Glover and Ar-
nold made a conjoint speech of a generally
burlesque character, apropos of Gun�s depar-
ture, of the �Picayune�s� demise &c., inter-
rupting one another and taking up the thread
of the discourse, sometimes in the middle of
a sentence or word.         It was highly success-
ful.      We had �God save the Queen!� ef-
fectively; �Auld Lang Syne,� with extempo-
rized verses by Arnold, the �Marsellaise�
by Boweryem.     Bread and butter, Sardines
and cheese on the side-table.     Ledger laid
in three dozen of claret, plenty of sherry, of
brandy and whiskey.         I stuck to the claret
and went to bed quietly at 1.        I believe
both Arnold, Cahill, Bob Gun, Damoreau
and Brightly got drunk enough subsequently.
  14.  Wednesday.  Arnold asleep in Ledger�s
room.     All together for an hour after breakfast.
Bob Gun, Cahill, George Arnold, Ledger and I.
Down town in the morning.      Evening, Our
Masked Ball.      Visits from Hayes, who sent round               
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