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Text for Page 103 [03-14-1860]

	         Another Bal Masque.
sundry costumes from the theatre, for himself,
Haney and Jack Edwards, designing to return
from a Brooklyn party (the Mr. Rice or whatever
his name was � the Gallic Englishman we met up
at 745 some weeks ago, giving it) at about 11,
then to join us.      Cahill and I dressing, he
as Brigand, I, Zouave.        Morris arraying
himself in Syrian costum in his own room.
Little Boweryem, dressing with Mrs. Boley�s assis-
tance as a Maid of All Work or Biddy, in a
frock and hoops borrowed from one of the servant-
girls.      Descended to the parlors about 11, found
the rooms crowded, a lively company.    I had on
a prodigious cocks-head masked, which nearly
stifled me and through which I could see but
little, so after an insane schottische with Bowery-
em, I went up-stairs and changed it for a
light mask, which only covering the upper portion
of my face, rendered my disguise merely nominal,
as it didn�t conceal my beard.      Then I went
in for enjoyment and got it.       Swaggering through
the motley throng of masquers in as Zouavish
manner as I could assume, now addressed
by this one, now stopping to parley with that, and
always talking vehement and dislocated English
after the style of Frenchmen on the stage, I went
through the crowd, amused and, I think, amusing.               
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