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Text for Page 104 [03-14-1860]

	           Characters in
The dress became me.    It had been worn
by one of the redoubtable corps in Egypt, and
for anything I know to the contrary, at Monte-
bello or Magenta.     It had French regimental
marks inside the jacket.     Consisted of immense-
ly loose, red, baggy breeches, leggings, long blue
scarf to wind round waist, queer cloth waist-coat
with ony one � the left � arm-hole in it,
fastening under and above the right arm, white
gaiters and red fez cap.          My beard was in
keeping.    Thus attired, I did my fooling
and liked it.       Discovered an Indian Maid,
who, by her height and figure, I supposed to
be Miss Waite, in which opinion I was confirmed
by a whisper from Mademoiselle Lafayette (little
Miss Maguire) who, like her companion, was
very tastily-dressed.       Now to catalogue the
masquers.    Kettle, gorgeously got up as Don
Cesar de Bazan, really looking splendid.    Of
course Miss Mrs Fagan ^|was| on his arm, smartly
attired as a Polish Girl.         They danced toget-
her throughout the night, provoking a good
deal of comment, especially from the women.
Kettle couldn�t identify her at first and went
about whispering �Lyddy! Lyddy!� to at
least three women, in addition, they say, ex-
tending invitations to go up-stairs.   Altogether,               
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