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Text for Page 105 [03-14-1860]

	           Our Masked Ball.
though Don Cesar didn�t support his character
at all in talk or demeanor, he and his partner
were the brightest-looking couple in the room.  Berger,
his chum and room-mate, wore a Greek dress,
which suited his physique captically.   Phillips was a 
Bear, subsequently a Chinese Juggler or Dancer.
Miss Trainque � the sequence is opposite � first a
male Organ-Grinder, with a veritable instrument,
which she couldn�t play, then a Gipsy-Girl, of the
stage pattern.            Griswold did a Nondescript Keeper
of the Bear in a queer jumble of costume, which
he soon abandoned.   The Fagan had been a
Tamborine Girl previously.     Mrs. Ham, first a
Rag-Picker, second a Spanish donna.      All these
live in the house; now to outsiders.        Mrs. Burtis,
landlady�s mar daughter, two or three costumes;
first a jolly old ale-wife, after a recent �Vanity
Fair� poster, dispensing lager-beer of excellent
quality.     A Yankee Gal after the stage pattern,
chattered very tolerable Varmacunt.    A Male Yan-
kee.   (I had a passage of arms with these and
came off victor.)   Mrs. Bartow (with whom Miss
Waite and Maguire reside, in this street, at
the house at which Morris and I called on New
Year�s Day)as a Suliote Maid.     Banker (ex-
boarder.) as a Lazzaroni or Spanish Smuggler.
A Vivandiere, with too long a frock.    A Flower-               
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