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Text for Page 106 [03-14-1860]

	      Dresses and Doings
girl to whom I introduced Damoreau, who
turned up about 12 and who forthwith com-
menced a heavy flirtation with her, she being,
as he said, �the only straw he had to cling to.�
Pocahontas: Miss Burtis, sister of our land-
lady�s daughter�s husband, bright-eyed, very
fair skinned, dark-haired, rather sharp looking;
general effect pretty.    Zouave Colonel in a
rich dress with a good deal of lace on the sleeves;
rather an ugly man; I believe an acquaintance
of Kettle�s.   A stage Irishman.    A Butcher.
Mrs. Bowley�s veritable butcher.    A Maid of
Athens.      A queer Pierrot, wearing a funnel
with an onion on the top of it.       Mrs. Schenck,
a la Hungarienne.       Gesler, in a helmet and
half-armor � the good-humored German who
has been lying with a rupture, on a sick-bed
for the last three weeks.     A Nigger Waiter.
Folly.     Red-Riding-Hood, subsequently a
Swiss Broom-Girl.   A French Peasant.     An
Ancient Lady, afterwards Mrs. Martha Wash-
ington.     Sir Harcourt Courtly and his servant
Cool.       A Gondolier.    A Fairy with wand and
star.       A Friar.       Bancker as a Spanish Contra-
bandero or Neapolitan Lazzaroni, looked well.
A Sailor.      These and others, doubtless more
than I observed, constituted our masquers.   I               
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