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Text for Page 107 [03-14-1860]

	       At Our Bal Masque.
danced with Miss Waite, promenaded with her
and little Maguire and took the former down
to supper.     Sat beside Maguire and opposite to
Miss Burtis; room crowded, a good deal of
fun and flirtation going on.     Ledger arrived.
He had been out all day with Bob Gun, presu-
mably on some (detective?) business, proposing to dress
at a friend�s house, then to join us, but did
not do so, being too late.     Bob Gun didn�t
show up at all till next morning, having been
out of the city, as I judged from hint dropped.
Up-stairs again.   More fun and dancing.    Did
I put Morris the Syrian in ? in a long brown
dress with baggy trousers, a mask with a peaked
nose?     Ledger cut off Miss Maguire from his
wing, on a hint from Cahill.        Visits up-stairs,
generally to Ledger�s room for imbibition, claret,
sherry and whiskey on table.       I stuck to the
former.        Sage, a friend and, I think, ad-
mirer of Miss Waite up a good deal, Damoreau
ditto.        At 1 or later, as I was sitting in
the ball-room, Haney, Jack Edwards and
Hayes arrived, too late to dress however.   Miss
Waite and Maguire off, Ledger seeing them home.
A jovial after-supper down-stairs, Haney, Damo
reau, Hayes, Cahill and I present, Damoreau
made speech, proposing Mrs. Boley�s health, which               
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