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Text for Page 108 [03-14-1860]

	  An Inevitable Conclusion.
speech was much cut into by our interruptions.
By 3 or so we adjourned to Ledger�s room,
that is its tenant, Damoreau, Cahill, Sage
and a hack-driver, who had engaged to take
the latter to his Courtlandt Street hotel.    Much
chaffing of Charley, more claret and other
liquors.      Damoreau got into bed and fell
asleep, when Cahill burnt-corked his face hideous-
ly, while the rest sang derisive chorusses around
him; thus,
	�Here�s a health to Dammy-row!
		Cork him down! cork him down!
	Here�s a health to Dammy-row!
		Cork him down!
	Here�s a health to Dammy-row!
	For he�s drunk as David�s sow
		Cork him down! cork him down!
			cork him down!�
When I got to bed the sunlight was flushing
the house-tops, Cahill and Ledger still drin-
king in the latter�s apartment.
  15.  Thursday.  Roused by Bob Gun, who
came rushing up stairs having just arrived.
Going into Cahill�s room he returned, pronoun-
cing him �drunk as a fool� and proceeded to
cork his face.    Up.   Recuperation and loafing.
A lovely day.   By 2 1/2 into carriage to go to the               
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