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Text for Page 109 [03-15-1860]

	      Bob Gun left behind.
steamer, anticipating to see Bob Gun off for
Cuba.      When we got there, (he delayed some fifteen
minutes, stopping the carriage at the corner of
Broome & Greene, to bid good bye to �Dellie,�
coming back with her daguerrotype) � we found
Cahill, who put his head into the window of
the vehicle and announced that �it had gone!�
Gun had mistaken the time of departure by an
hour!      Back to Bleecker St. again.    Ledger took
it a little curtly, Gun was rather chopfallen.
Down-town.    Met Sutherland.    To �Nic-nax� of-
fice, Haney had left.                I think, indoors all
the evening.   Letter from home, mother & Naomi.
  16.  Friday.  Down-town, early, to �Courier�
and �Nic-nax� offices.    Returned and writing
article for �Courier.�
  17.  Saturday.  Down-town, twice, to �Cou-
rier� office, returning, walked as far as Canal
with Brightly, who exhibited a letter written to
him by John Andrew of Boston, stating that Alf
Waud was coming on to this city, to accept a situ-
ation on the �Illustrated News,� Frank Leslie�s
rival, at from $30 to $35 per week.            Will
has been sent to Charleston, I suppose to sketch
the coming Democratic Convention.        At the
farewell supper to Berghans and Rawlings at
the Metropolitan, Frank Leslie absented himself,               
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