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Text for Page 110 [03-17-1860]

	A Call at Bartow�s & 745.
upon which act Damoreau commented
pretty strongly in his speech.    Brightly to avoid
the responsibility of hearing such disloyalty to the
chief, took himself off temporarily, Watson (the
editor) interrupted, but was choked off and
Charley went ahead.     Leslie remonstrated
with him about it on the following day.       In
the evening went to the Bartow�s, where soon
came in Ledger and Miss Maguire, anon
Miss Waite and Sage.    There were also two
visitors, a married couple, both present at our
last Masked Ball, the husband as the Yankee.
Ledger has been there of evenings a good deal
of late, has taken little Maguire to the theatre
thrice.   Whist and euchre playing.      Returned
with Ledger at 12, dropping in at the �Op-
timus� by the way, and seeing that little thief
Frederick Watson there.
  18.  Sunday.  All the folk reading Masked
Ball article; a great demand for �Couriers.�
Writing; letter to Hannah and to �Era.�
To Edwards� in the evening.   Talk of our
ball and of the Rees� party.         Sally said it was
dull � �I shouldn�t have liked it.�
  19.  Monday.  Writing till noon, �Era� letter
and chores.         Dined early,
then into carriage to see Bob Gun off again.               
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