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Text for Page 111 [03-19-1860]

	         Bob off, this time.
He had managed to get his money refunded,
losing, therefore, only $10, additional price for
passage by the other steamer.      Ledger, Mor-
ris and I in carriage, day overcast and breezy
but not unpleasant.   Arrived at the pier, near
about Barclay Street, we are presently joined
by Berger, Billington, Cutler, Tracy, Shep-
herd, Damoreau and Cahill.       The usual lively
scene of debarkation, baggage being got aboard,
vehicles arriving with passengers, heavy, hairy-faced
sailors leaning in lounging ease over the sides of
the vessel, presenting a strong contrast to a squad
of soldiers in their stiff military equipments, on
their way to Florida.     Common-faced dogs these
last were too, with countenances of the willow-pat-
tern order, which nature turns out by the hun-
dred, as Hood has it.       Bob Gun, in cap and
colored suit, stood the centre of a little smoking
circle, the recipient of no end of chaff.      Present-
ly we had to quit the deck of the vessel for
the wharf, and after half-an-hour�s delay the
ship steamed gallantly out.       We gave Gun three-
cheers as it did so, from the extreme end of the
pier, to which he responded by waving his hand-
kerchief as long as it could be discerned.      There
was a sailor boy who came hurrying, a little too
late to get aboard and in a great state of anxiety.               
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