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Text for Page 065 [03-14-1851]

              urious halt for half an hour or so.   Then skirting the rocks, and thorough
bush and thorough brier Hoboken wards; all quiet and sombre around and above,
little wind stirring, dead leaves thick bestrewn below, and here and there a
bright green refreshing cedar clump gemming the scene.    Striking into the
road whereat the recontre with the rowdies, last year, occurred, and through
Hoboken, Alf setting all the dogs yelling, by provocative barks.     Crossed the
river, supped, and then Mr Hart and Dillon called.  After their departure,
descended, by Homer�s invite, to his fathers room, and whist, with the old
gentleman and Cross.
  15. Saturday.  To Genins, and to the Era Office. Picton there, so sate
conversing with him, and one of the proprieters of the �Albany Dutchman,� [word 
crossed out]
[word crossed out] ^|a| cap wearing, dark bearded fellow, (arriving, we adjourned to 
liquor.  Half
an hour, and then parted, and I walked up Madison Street, visiting the tailor
of Charley�s friend Fogg.   Return, ate dinner, writing and drawing in the 
  16. Sunday.  A dismal drizzling day.  Writing to Hannah Bennett during the
morning and part of the afternoon, then, the weather having mended some little walked
up Broadway and Fourth to the residence of Picton. Now who would�nt have fancied
him living in a boarding house, and with half a dozen clever, dissolute fellows, loafing
away a dull Sunday, all chaff and piquant personalities? � Yet how was it?
I found him dozing on a sofa, in a pleasant room with books, pictures and the like,
in company with an old grandmother, a Welshwoman of over eighty, who had arrived
in this country during Washington�s presidency, and remembered New York when the
Dutch vrows sate on their door-stoops, with the goodman on the other side, smoking his
pipe, as in the days of New Amsterdam.         Looking over a Map of Paris, talk
of Authors, of Politics and Nationality.  Supper in the Basement, and afterwards
a pleasant evening, looking over Books on Paris, with fine illustrations.  Old
Paris with its historical reminiscences, [Houre?] Quatre, the Sorbonne, the old days               
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