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Text for Page 112 [03-19-1860]

   A drowned man and drunken �Biddy.�
in consequence but a boat put him where
he wanted to be.      Quitting the pier, we saw
the body of a drowned man in the water, a
loathsome spectacle, black, rotten, its clothes
scarcely distinguished from its body, I should
have supposed it a log or mummy but for
the arm and hand.     It lay more than half sub-
merged, by some oyster-smacks, close against
the street wharf, a knot of people looking at it.
  Return, with Ledger.      Writing.
  20.  Tuesday.   Down-town in the morning.
Don�t remember what in the afternoon or
evening, but in-doors.         I didn�t put down
one incident apropos of our Bal Masque.  The
chambermaid, getting inebriated in an early part
of the evening, stowed herself away in the myste-
rious closet-cupboard ordinarily occupied by our
landlady�s loafing son, Albert Boley.     This closet
is not in a room, but on the landing-place, close
by the Kinnie�s door and Boweryem�s, and for
a long time I have wondered at the girls shouting
to this interesting Albert, bidding him get out of 
bed, at 2 or 5 in the afternoon.                Well, as
little Boweryem had disappeared at about
the same time as the chambermaid, our land-
lady�s suspicions fell upon him, unjustly, as it
proved, for Albert found the woman in his bed               
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